An Investigation of Challenges Students Face in Learning Writing in Sophomore English Course, A Case of Admas University College

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Addis Ababa University


The aim of this study was investigating challenges students face in learning writing in Sophomore English course. This was examined making two specific objectives central. These were identifying the prevalent challenges and assessing the impact of these challenges. In order to attain these objectives, a descriptive statistical analysis was employed using a sample of 48 student and 8 teacher respondents selected by simple random sampling method. The findings of the study revealed that student related challenges such as loose students' cooperation, weak readiness and lack of interest to learn writing as well as their poor background are among the prevalent problems that hinder students' learning of writing in Sophomore English course. Moreover, other problems like learning barriers and ineffective use of learning strategies, challenges related to language skills and other pedagogic albatrosses hinder their learning of writing. Based on the findings, it was concluded that student related problems such as their loose interest and readiness to learn writing, weak background and poor cooperation are found to be prevalent challenges. Moreover, their unconscious use of learning strategies and presence of learning barriers hinder their effective learning of writing. Additionally, other greatly manifested obstacles to their learning of writing include factors associated with teachers' modes of teaching, alienated provision of writing in the course, Sophomore English, and large class size. As per the conclusions, teachers, management of AUC, MoE and other concerned bodies are recommended to pay due attention to such prevalent challenges students face as students' enthusiasm, collaboration, use of strategies, effects of learning barriers, course provision system and class size.



Challenges Students Face