The Practices and Challenge of Pre-Schooling in Dawuro Zone

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Addis Ababa Univerisity


The paper examined the practices and challenges of pre schooling in Dawuro zone. Qualitative case study for specific contextual survey was utilized. Interview, observation and FGD were employed to get intensive data from particular schools’ teachers, parents and Woreda and Zonal education experts in the zone. Document analysis was also employed from regional education Bureau, zonal education department and the studied five schools. Thus, the whole data were categorized thematically and analyzed and the findings were drawn. According to the findings show that pre schools were not led by proper professionals, budget, and time and instruction materials. The physical environments and contexts were not adequate to pre schooling. Therefore, the study recommended that the stake holders have to recognize the existing problems of the kindergartens and stretch their hands to the various private and governmental organizations to tackle the problems.