Assessment of Patients Satisfaction Towards Nursing Care Services: Comparative Cross Sectional Study Among Adult Inpatients At Black Lion and Landmark General Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2017

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Addis Ababa University


Background: The level of satisfaction of patients about the health services can be considered an important tool of quality of services. Nursing care is a major component of the health services because it is one of the determinants of quality of health services. Patient’s satisfaction with the care they receive from health care providers has become one of the most important approaches to the measurement of the quality of care in recent times as against the predominantly clinical and administrative approaches. Objective: This study aims to assess and Compare the level of patients’ satisfaction towards nursing care services between Black Lion and Landmark General Hospital, 2017. Method: Institutional based Comparative cross sectional study was conducted in Black Lion and Landmark General Hospital from March to April 2017. A systematic random sampling technique was used to select sample of 262 adult patients admitted in both hospitals. Data was collected using semi structured questionnaire. The data was coded, edited, and cleaned, and entered into Epidata 3.1version then exported to SPSS version 21 for analysis. Finally the result was presented using charts, tables and graphs. Result: Of the total 257 above half 181 (70.4%) of the respondents were satisfied during their stay in hospital and 76 (29.6%) of them were not satisfied.Majority of the patients 77.8 were satisfied with nurse adequate visit and getting their support when needed. Regarding to Nurse explaining well and listening careful to patient and admission procedure 79.4% and 76.35 of the study participants were satisfied respectively.Whereas only 0.4% of the patients were highly dissatisfied on Number of rounds made by the doctor is reasonable, Nurses treat with respect and good behavior, Nurse explaining well and listening careful to patient, The admission procedure was good, no delay, Efficient services (length of stay ...), capacity of doctors and capacity of nurses. Education of patients {AOR=5.8: 95% CI (1.74, 19.4)} and cause of illness (acute illness) {AOR=2.6: 95% CI (1.32, 5.38)} were associated with satisfaction of patients in hospital. Conclusion and Recommendation:The study revealed that more than half of the patients were satisfied during their stay in the hospital. There is a need to design intervention that can increase satisfaction of the patients in the hospital Keywords: Adult patients’ satisfaction, nursing care, dissatisfaction



Adult patients satisfaction, Nursing care, Dissatisfaction