Mobile Based Emergency Reporting System for Infectious Disease Surveillance By; Harif Ahmed May 2015 Addis Ababa,

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Addis Ababa University


Quick detection and response to emergency infectious disease is crucial. However, manual paper based reporting and response system has many shortcomings such as inability to report emergency infectious disease on time and the possibility of errors that can be committed during data entry. The research project therefore, aimed to design Mobile based emergence reporting for infectious disease surveillance support system for Oromia Regional Health Bureau, in order to improve the use of mobile based reporting for infectious disease surveillance for making sound decision and alert response to prevent and to control communicable diseases. A phased development, Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology and iterative approach is applied to the study of the design system. Interview and document analysis were used as a main tool to capture the business system requirement along with observation. Unified modeling language (UML) development techniques, applied in the process of requirements capture, model organization business system and design. Argo UML and Visio Software were employed in analysis and design models diagramming. Overall a Mobile based emergency reporting for infectious disease surveillance support system is developed that can be used for Oromia regional health office, in case of emergence of infectious disease outbreak to give response, feedback and alert early warning in a timely manner. The researcher recommends the implementation of the design by the Oromia Regional Health Bureau or any concerned body including laboratory case reports, case based reporting, eventbased surveillance such as events related to occurrence of disease in human and events related to potential risks for humans health that are not included under current design to realize the benefit of Mobile based Reporting and Response system.



surveillance response system, mobile based, outbreak, emergency infection disease, Oromia Regional Health Bureau, UML