Implement A tion of Teachers' Career Structure in Secondary Schools in Gedeo Zone: Problems and Prospects

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Addis Ababa University


This study was cOllducted to investigate the implementation practices and problems 0/ the Teachers ' Career Structure Scheme in the Secondary Schools 0/ Gedeo Zone. The sample consiSIS a/five secondary schools and principals, vice principals supervisors, department he"t/s, unit leaders and teachers with a IOtal number 0/206 drawn ji-om respective schools were suh/ccts 0/ the study. [n addition two woreda education ojJicers and a zonal Teachers Association chairperson were subjects 0/ the study. [n order to address the study 's objectives, a descriplive survey method was used. Regarding data gathering and processing, questionnaire and illterview were instruments ell/played /01' data col/ection, w/'l/1e t-test, chi-square, Spearman Rank Order correlation, fratio and percentage were used/or analyzing data. /vi ainly t he s tndy dealt w itll Teachers' Career Structure implementation problems such as: introduction 0/ '1uOIo systell/ 0/ cOlI/petitioll to screen teachers, intelference 0/ political bodies, interruption 0/ the career schell/e. Attempts also made to investigate the appropriateness 0/ the career proll/otion criteria, the career contribution to teachers and teaching, and the measures to he taken to all<!viatc implementation problenls. 'The findings 0/ the study revealed that the Teachers' Career Structure ill1plelnentation was against the guideline due 10 inappropriateness 0/ the proll/otion criteria, budget constraints, introduction 0/ quota and the interference 0/ political bodies. Concerning teachers' pe'formance evaluation, currently pelformance is evaluated based 011 TROPII Principles. [t was also among the findings 0/ Ihe study that evaluators (principals, vice principals, ullit leaders, supervisor, department heads) have knowledge 0/ the career scheme better t han the evaluatees (teachers) and have positive attitude tnward TROPII as 11'1'11 (IS ,he career scheme. Hegarding the effectiveness 0/ the career scheme: it contributed low or has not brought any remarkable change in ilnproving the socio-econmnic status 0/ teachers. Similarly, its contribution /01' retaining teachers in their profession and improving the teaching leaming process is found to be low. There/m'e, the Teachers' Career Structl/re has I/O relevoncl' in improving the various aspects 0/ teachers' and teaching pro/essiol/. Finally, it would be recommended thai providing training /01' the implellienlers, /'lUI king subsequell/ modifications on the career promotion criteria, and implementation' 'J/ certification, licensing and provision 0/ CPD programs.



Implement A tion of Teachers' Career Structure