Factors Affecting The Functions of Pedagogical Centers In Some Selected Teacher Training Institutes In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababauniversity


To make the work of the Teacher Training Institute Programme more efficient and effective, certain changes on the major activities of the pedagogical center of the teacher training have taken place. Consequently, the Institute for Curriculum Development and Research has prepared in 1996 a Guide material on how to organize and strengthening the pedagogical centers of the teacher training institutes in line with the new directives indicated in the Education and Training Policy of 1994. It was given the task of preparing instructional materials, conducting action research, training and coordinating the instructional staff and trainees in the Institute. The purpose of the study is therefore, to investigate the factors affecting activities of the pedagogical centers in the teacher training institutes. In accomplishing the task the researcher used questionnaire, interview, document inspection and observation check list as main instruments of collection. The results of the study suggested that most of the instructors in the TTl's have expressed their views in that the stated objectives and functions of the pedagogical center of the TTl's were not easily attainable. The coordinators and directors of the three pedagogical centers of the TTl's believed that the available facilities and resources do not allow attainment of the stated functions in the respective TTl programmes. It is, therefore, recommended that a guide material should be prepared in line with the need of the training programme. Center coordinators and teaching staff should be trained. The centers be provided with the necessary facilities and resources. Effective management that understands the roles of PCs and that has commitment to its profession must be in place



Teacher Training Institutes In Ethiopia