Numerical Investigation of single Batter Pile due to Inclined Loads

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Addis Ababa University


Batter piles are used when the foundation structure is exposed to a considerable amount of lateral loads to support super structure safely. The behavior of batter piles had for many years been studied by performing laboratory tests. The difficulty of modeling the pile soilinteraction in the laboratory is assisted by numerical modeling/finite element/, which is increasingly gaining more acceptance and application. Besides, of laboratory and field tests, finite element method used increasingly to deal with this problem. In this paper, the behavior of a batter and vertical pile subjected to lateral, axial and inclined loads are modeled with finite element software. The paper attempts to examine the effect of batter angle on its ultimate lateral and axial load carrying capacity. The overall response of vertical and batter pile subjected to lateral, vertical and inclined loads are investigated. Negative and positive batters inclined at angles ranging from 30 0 0 to -30 are simulated using the validated software PLAXIS 3D. The results showed that small inclination angle of piles give better resistance than vertical piles especially for lateral loads. From the analysis of a single pile, it is found that negative batter piles have more resistance than positive piles. For a specified pile property, batter piles inclined at -20 0 and subjected to lateral loads have more capacity to resist applied loads than vertical piles subjected to the same magnitude of lateral loads. The equivalent behavior of vertical pile is observed clearly from the analysis result. This shows batter piles inclined at 20 0 have more capacity and it is similar to vertical piles 0 with that of 20 inclined load from the vertical. Batter piles subjected to vertical loads show continuous reduction in ultimate capacity for both negative and positive batter piles. Negative batter pile deformation reduced by 8.25 %, 2.11 % and 19.4 % for lateral, vertical and transverse components respectively for similar geometry, property of materials and equal magnitude of loads.



Batter pile, negative batter, positive batter, inclination angle