Lack of Love and Sexual Incompatibility as Factors to Divorce among the Residents of Bahirdar

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Addis Ababa University


A survey study was conducted in Bahirdar to study lack of love and sexual incompatibility as contributing factors to divorce and perceived «reasons" of divorce among the residents. A sample of 100 male and 100 female divorcees filled out questionnaires. The questionnaire contains three sections. The first part assessed the characteristics of the respondents that are related to divorce proneness. The second part of the questionnaire is a kind of check li st for lack of love and sexual incompatibility factors. The participants had to answer «Yes" or «No" for each of the 35 items. The third part has only one question aimed to determine the main «perceived causes" of divorce. Purposive sapling technique was used to select the participants of the study. Percentages, descriptive statistics, and t-test were used to analyze the collected data. From the result, factors related to lack of love and sexual incompatibility were found to be contributing factors to divorce. In addition, some demographic factors like age at marriage, wide age difference, duration of engagement, type of marriage and duration of marriage were found to be reasons for divorce in Bahirdar. Significant difference was found between males and females for some of the factors. Suggestions are made on how to reduce the rate of dissolution of marriages.



Lack of Love, and Sexual Incompatibility