The Role of Internal Auditing in Promoting Good Governance in Public Sectors of Addis Ababa City

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The aim of this study was to examine the role of internal audit practices in promoting good governance in public sectors of Addis Ababa City. The study used a descriptive and explanatory (mixed) design and both qualitative and quantitative approaches. A descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of correlation and regression analysis was employed in this thesis, and the data analysis was processed using the SPSS software version 25. The results of the analysis were used to interpret and discuss the findings. Cronbach's alpha coefficient of internal consistency was used to determine reliability. Data from the field was collected through the distribution of a structured questionnaire to a group of well-chosen internal auditors. Competent staffs, risk management, and organizational independence and objectivity all played a substantial and positive role in the promotion of good governance in the public sector. Although formal mandates and professional practice standards were positively connected to good governance, their contribution to good governance was statistically insignificant. These five independent variables account for 49.9% of the total contribution to the promotion of good governance in government offices. It was proposed that the internal auditors of the Addis Ababa City Public Sector act in accordance with the purpose, authority, and duty of internal audit as described expressly in their charter. Internal audit teams should be included in formal reporting by the sectors. Finally, it was suggested that the Addis Ababa City Public Sector Finance and Economic Development Office support internal auditing by recruiting a sufficient number of internal auditors and providing training to improve their abilities and capacity to do audits in the best possible way for the public.



Internal Auditing Standard, Internal Audit Practices, Public Sector Offices