The Effect Of Organizational Culture On Job Performance: The Case Of GIZ-Ethiopia Office

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Addis Ababa University


This research paper tries to explain the effect organizational culture in the GIZ-Ethiopia office has on the job performance of employees. It tries to assess the link between the different identified traits of organizational culture and the key performance indicators of the organization which allows us to establish the fact that the effect indeed exists in the company. The paper adopts explanatory research with qualitative research approach to find details about this link. The case company chosen is GIZ- Ethiopia office which is one of the non- governmental organizations operating in Ethiopia. The company provides the ideal background for the research since it attempts to integrate different working practices for the attainment of its goals. The research adopted the Denison (1990) dimensions of organizational culture (involvement, mission, adaptability, and consistency) to assess organizational culture practiced in the company. The study took 205 candidates as a sample size from which 155 of them actually responded to the surveys. As per the findings the research established that there is a significant positive relationship between the two of the four organizational sub-dimensions used. These subdimensions are adaptability and involvement. The research in general tries to assess the components of organizational culture in the company and those components of the organizational culture who have a dominant effect on job performance. Based on the findings of the research basic recommendations such as; GIZ needs to take advantage of the high degree of organizational culture in the company and use it to the betterment of employee performance, the management should also be able to identify other elements affecting job performance in addition to Organizational Culture, are given



Organizational culture, Employee performance, Key performance indicator