Design and Implementation of Multilanguage Electronic Dictionary for Smartphones

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Addis Ababa University


The ever increasing growth of the mobile technology is giving birth to more powerful devices like smart phones which provide many of the functionalities of personal computers in addition to making phone calls. As these devices are becoming more and more functional, they are penetrating swiftly into every society of the world. As a result, there is a need to design and develop language specific applications that can help users interact with these devices through the language they understand. Electronic Dictionaries (EDs) are one example of such applications which can be used as an electronic reference resource containing a library of words and their meanings. As globalization is bringing the world into one, understanding several languages is very crucial for smooth interaction and wide communication with others. Thus, several Multilanguage dictionary applications with two or more languages are becoming integrated on handheld devices like PDAs and smart phones to cope up with the globalization issue. Having such Multilanguage dictionary application on mobile devices is very helpful as it makes language learning easier and faster, can be accessed anytime and anywhere needed, no need of extra device purchasing and the like. However, the currently available dictionary applications on these devices cover mostly the western languages and no focus had been given to develop these applications for languages like the ones spoken in Ethiopia. In countries like Ethiopia, with various language sets, such a Multilanguage dictionary is essential for ease of communication among citizens of the country as well as other foreigners. This report presents the first attempt for design and implementation of a Multilanguage ED for Amharic, English, Afaan Oromo and Tigrigna languages on handheld devices. The system has been successfully developed and tested on an emulator of an Android based smart phones before deploying it on the target device. The Android platform is chosen among other mobile platforms as it is designed to support different script types including Ethiopic scripts, and has a promising future to be used on all handheld devices. Finally, the system has been tested on Android based HTC Hero smart phone. Keywords: Electronic Dictionary, Multilingual Electronic Dictionary, Dictionary on Smart phone, Multilingual Dictionary for Ethiopian Languages



Electronic Dictionary; Multilingual Electronic Dictionary; Dictionary on Smart Phone; Multilingual Dictionary for Ethiopian Languages