An Investigation of Reading-to-Write Strategies Employed by Fourth Year Students in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at AAU

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Addis Ababa Universiy


This study attempted to investigate the reading-to-write strategies employed by fourth year students in the Department of foreign languages and Literature at Addis Ababa University. An investigation was made on the types and frequencies of strategies employed by the students and the relationship between these strategies and the students' writing. To achieve the purpose of the study 20 students (25.6% of the total population) were randomly chosen. The necessary data was collected from: (1) questionnaire administered to the 20 students, (2) think-aloud recording of 19 students, (3)interview with three students and, (4) writings of the 19 students. Analysis of the data from the sources revealed that, while doing reading-to-write task, students use strategies in the following order: cognitive, social affective and matacognitive strategies. It was also found that students use less demanding strategies such as repetition, asking for clarification and self-monitoring more frequently than demanding strategies such as planning, elaboration, transfer and inference. It was also observed that students with less competent writing less frequently use metacognitive strategies. What is more, difference within strategy uses among students who have produced competent, average and less competent writing was observed. Based on the findings of the study, it was suggested that students should be given training and practice on uses of different strategies and tasks in order to make them able to direct their own learning. The need to train teachers and include learner training components into teacher training course and language learning materials are the overall recommendation of the study.



An Investigation of Reading-to-Write Strategies Employed