The Opportunities and Challenges. of Ethiopian Television Programs for Adult Health Education

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Addis Ababa University


This research is conducted to study the opportunities and challenges of Ethiopian television programs for adult health education. Data sources of the study were individuals from governmental and non-governmental organizations and target audiences (adult learners). Samples were purposefully selected participants that helped the researcher understood the problem and the research question. The instruments of data collection were in depth interviews and focus group discussions. The in depth interview participants were mainly selected based on the previous knowledge of the researcher, where as the focus group discussion participants were selected based on the accessibility and audience f eed back toward the television health program and the overall expected health condition and participants age. The first finding of the study shows there is no program which is directly targeted for adult health education. The second finding of the study shows the opportunities of television for adult health educatiQn. High interest of adults towards watching television health education, the availability of the health extension workers of ministry of health staffs (for feed back, need assessment and pretest), using different forms of television programs, the experiences of other countries, addressing large number of audiences at a time and having different discipline experts (like media specialists, health professionals, educational planners) are the opportunity of adult health education via television. The third finding of the study is about the challenge. Lack of coordination among the disciplines and limited language transmission in Ethiopia television, number of television sets can be examples. The researcher finally recommends production and prime time dissemination of adult health education programs via television, using different forms like entertainment health education programs, involvement of adults during production, coordination among different disciplines, using as many language as possible and setting evaluation and monitoring technique.



Television Programs for Adult Health Education