Seismic Reflection Studies of South Omo Basin, South Western Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa Universty


Forty one Seismic lines have been acquired by Tullow oil in 2010-2011 in South Omo basin. Of these twelve selected seismic lines are processed and interpreted in this study. The selections of the seismic lines are based on the results of previous gravity analysis and borehole information from Sabisa-1. Nine of the seismic lines are E-W oriented and the rest have N-S orientations. During data acquisition, both Vibrator and explosive sources were utilized. The data processing was carried out using Vista 2D/3D version 12.0 seismic processing software. The various layers as well as the structures affecting the basin are interpreted with OpendTect software version 6.0.5. The results show a westward dipping half-graben sedimentary basin bounded by a north-south striking major fault. Deposition of thick sediments was observed in the southern part of the basin near Lake Turkana as well as in the northern part of the basin around seismic Line SO-20. The sediments thin out towards the east of the Omo River. The study also identifies a likely hydrocarbon prospective area near Line SO-20. The result of the work is believed to serve as an additional guide for further hydrocarbon exploration program over the area.



Omo Basin