The Training And Development Practice Of Plastic Industry and Its Effect On Employees Performance. (The Case Of Geo-synthetics Industrial Works Plc.)

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Addis Ababa University


Human resource is being the most important resource from other resources, training and development is very crucial for the success of an organization because it motivates and increases the skill of employees and upgrades the ability of managers to perform their task. The research was conducted at Geosynthetics Industrial Works plc. And the main objective of this study was to asses training and development practice and its effect on employee’s performance. Descriptive research design methodology was used. A total of 95 employees were included in this study using simple random sampling technique. Data entered, encode, clean and analyzed using SPSS version20. Eighty employees responded that training and development need assessment was conducted properly and half of them revealed that performance appraisal was used to determine the training and development needs in the organization. The training evaluation significantly associated with employees’ performance. Training evaluation has to consider as main training component in order to increase employee performance. Employee performance explained significantly by training evaluation, training need assessment, training design and training implementation. Training practice accepted to enhance employee performance and create standardize job performance. An organization has to allocate enough resource in order to deliver varieties of training and development program



Training, development, Employee performance