The Effect of Leadership Style on Team Motivation the Case of Nasa Garment Plc

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Ayele, Sosna

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Addis Ababa University


The main goal of this research project is to examine the Impact of Leadership Style in Team Motivation at NASA (Next Arises Sustainable Africa) Garment Plc. To investigate the impact of leadership styles (an independent variable) on team motivation (dependent variable), a structured questionnaire was created. Primary and secondary data sources were used, and questionnaires were data collection method. Quantitative approach was used, and data were collected through questionnaires. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics, correlation analysis to identify and relationship between the variables; regression analysis to predict the change in the dependent variable when the independent variables change. The results from the analysis of a dataset derived from questionnaires on team motivation and leadership styles, completed by 165 NASA Garment Plc employees, indicated that the Transformational Leadership Style is predominantly practiced leadership style with high correlation coefficients. Both Transactional Leadership Style and Laissez-faire Leadership Style also have positive but moderate and weak correlation with team motivation respectively. The independent variables are also found to be good predictors of the dependent variable. Furthermore, all three leadership styles (Transformational, Transactional and Laisse-faire) found to be statistically significant predictors of the team motivation. Based on the findings and conclusions, it’s been recommended that the top management place a great focus on the Transformational leadership style, which was discovered to be the most dominant leadership style at NASA at the time and to have a significant positive correlation with team motivation. The team motivation was also found to be statistically significant predictor of the dominant leadership style



Transformational Leadership Style, Transactional leadership style, Laissez-faire leadership style