Psycfio-socia[ Pr06[ems of JlaoCescents Jlffectea in tfie P[ooa (J)isaster Jlrea of (J)ire (J)awa City

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Addis Ababa University


During and after flooding disasters, pediatricians, r e li gio us pe o ple, e tc. Can assis t parents a nd community le a ders not only by accommodating the unique needs of adolescents but also by being cognizant of the psycho- social responses of adolescents to r e duce the possibility of longterm psychological morbidity. The effect of disaster on adole scents a r e mediate d by many factors including personal experience, pa r e ntal reaction, d evelo pmental c ompe tency, gender and the stage of disas ter response .Pediatric ia ns can be e ffective advocates for the c hild ;fa mily and at the community level a nd can affect national policy in support of famili es. In this resear c h, specific adolescent r esponses are delineated; risk factors for adverse reaction are discussed to a meliorate the effects of disaster on adolescents. This a rticle presents a review of a number of studies involving disaster victims and workers in other c ultures and presents information about cross-cuI tural aspects of grief.



community le a ders