Assessing The Implementation Of Balanced Scorecard /BSC/ And Its Challenges In Performance Appraisal In Ethio Telecom Case Of Enterprise Division

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this research is to examine the challenges of BSC implementing in performance appraisal on Enterprise Division in ethio-telecom. The data were collected using a questionnaire and semi-structured interview question from a sample population in Enterprise Division. From the total of 170 target population, this research selected 119 samples and collected data after that analyzed by using SPSS version 20 for the close-ended question. Then the data presented using descriptive statistics with the help of frequency, tables, and percentage to provide information. Mean and Standard Deviation through a measure of central tendency was also used to analyze data. The data that were collected by semi-structured interview questions and open-ended questions, interpreted manually. The result shows that the major challenges of BSC implementation in performance appraisal were, even if the staff discussed performance appraisal with their supervisors most of the time their idea is not acceptable. This leads to a disagreement between the staff and the supervisors. Most of the staffs are not satisfied by BSC implementation and the respondents state different reasons for this like BSC most of the time focused on countable factors, does not consider the weakness of the company rather focus only employees side, when the plan given it is not equally distributed between divisions this creates bias and the parameter (criteria) does not consider the working environment. The availability of enough resource take the highest share to achieve any target but the finding clearly indicated that there is no enough resource available to achieve the target. Performance progress is not monitored continuously before formal evaluation made this leads not to know the performance continuously. Therefore, future researchers may conduct for further related research work that covers a wider scope and larger sample size appears to be significant



performance appraisal, employees