Factors Affecting Use of Zinc Supplementation in Management of Childhood Diarrhea Among Health Workers at Primary Health Care Unit, in Selected Woredas of Bale Zone, South East, Ethiopa, 2015

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Addis Ababa University


Back ground: - Zinc is the most ubiquitous of all trace elements. Adequate zinc intake is critical for health. The awareness of the inclusion of zinc in the management of childhood diarrhea among health care providers has been reported to be high in some developing countries. Despite this growing awareness, its use in diarrhea treatment in many of these countries has lagged behind. The use of zinc to treat diarrhea has the potential to avert up to an estimated 400,000 deaths annually and has been recommended for treatment of children with diarrhea in developing countries by UNICEF and WHO. Objective: - To assess factors affecting use of zinc supplementation in management of childhood diarrhea among health workers at primary health care unit, in selected woredas of Bale zone, South East Ethiopia, 2015. Method: -A Cross-sectional study design was conducted on a total of 283health care providers working at PHCU during the study period, the study subjects were proportionally allocated for each woredas and a pretested semi-structured questionnaire was used for data collection and it was analyzed by SPSS16th version. Result: The response rate was 97% and 200 (73%) of participants were not taken training on management of childhood diarrhea in the last six months and about 159(58%) of them had adequate knowledge on Zn supplementation and among 203 (74.3%) of them who treated child with diarrhea in the last 6month, 134 (66%) of them included Zn in their management of childhood diarrhea and those who have training, adequate knowledge, and information on Zn in diarrheal treatment are positively associated with Zn supplementation practice. Conclusion and Recommendation: The study has revealed a gap in the knowledge, attitude and practice with respect to zinc supplementation in the management of childhood diarrhea and also it showed that there was a limited distribution of zinc at PHCUs at the study area. Training/sensitization activities of health workers on the use of new zinc treatment for diarrhea management should be done and as well availability of commodities should be ensured by the stakeholders. Key words: Zinc supplementation, childhood diarrheal disease, knowledge, attitude



Zinc supplementation, Childhood diarrheal disease, Knowledge, Attitude