Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria Associated With Yolk Sac Infection (Omphalitis) in Chicks In Bishoftu Poultry Farms, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababauniversity


A study was conducted from November 2014 and may 2015 at Bishoftu Poultry Farm, Ethiopia, in(1-7) days old chicken obtained from three different hatcheries to isolate and identify bacteria associated with yolk sac infection and to determine drug sensitivity pattern of the predominant isolates. A total of 341bacterial isolates were isolated and identified using biochemical tests and then tested for their susceptibility to 11 antimicrobial agents. Escherichia coli was the most common bacteria followed by Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus. Other bacteria were also identified but in a lower proportion. Unabsorbed yolk sac was observed in 370 chicken associated with signs of septicemia in many cases. In antibacterial susceptibility testing the isolates were susceptible to Gentamicin, Chloramphenicol, Kanamycine and Amikacine indicating the potential usefulness of these antimicrobials for the treatment of yolk sac infection. The existence of multi-drug resistance bacteria isolates associated with yolk sac infection suggests that more emphasis be given towards preventing omphalitis in chicks through improvements of sanitary measures than to consider control options through the use of antimicrobials. Key words: Bacterial Isolation, Chicken, Drug Sensitivity, Yolk sac infection



Bacterial Isolation, Chicken, Drug Sensitivity, Yolk sac infection