Challenges of Jimma University In Implementing Community Based Training Program

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Addis Ababauniversity


The study was conducted to look into the challenges to effective implementation of CBTP in education faculty of JU To this end, the study was designed on descriptive survey method and the researcher had selected his study subjects through stratified and purposive sampling. To collect relevant data, both questionnaire' and interview have been employed. Oata have been analyzed using the technique fit for both quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The study revealed that, the faculty has faced a lot of challenges to effectively implement the program. Amongst these challenges, poor transportation facilities, resource supplies, shortage of time to implement CB TP, and scheduling problem were some which have been reported and found as bottleneck for the effective implementation of the program. Particularly the inadequate awareness of the community members who are assumed to playa great role to the success of the program was found to be the main challenge to the faculty. As a result it was concluded that, all these existing conditions became a challenge for the faculty to effectively implement CB TP, and with all these problems, particularly, without the inadequate knowledge and understanding of the communities about the program, it would not be possible to assume the effective implementation of CBTP, and produce teachers who are responsive to the development needs of the community. Therefore, it is suggested that if in future CBTP to playa pivotal role in producing professionals that the time demand, the faculty needs to, for example, organize workshop and conference on a continuous basis, to create an in-depth understanding about CB TP amongst all participants, particularly communities, so as to get their support and cooperation for the success of the program



Implementing Community Based Training Program