The Contribution of Parental Education For Girls Academic Achievement the Case of Selected Regions in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to describe the contribution of parental education for girls academic achievement. For undertaking this study, the relevant data were gathered fi'om various relevant sources, questions were set, dependent and independent variables were defined, tools for data collections were developed and finally the data was analyzed and interpreted. The instruments used for data collection were questioner, FGD, interview and observations. Parents (90), primmy school female students (90), teachers (36), principal and community leaders were the sample, respondents of the study. The study was carried out in 5 primmy schools of Bahirdar Zuria and 4 primary schools of Guto Gida district. The data obtained were analyzed using percentage and also coding, tabulating, graphing of the findings both in quantitative and qualitative manner. The final analysis result indicated that, Parental education contributes in increasing the parents' involvement in their daughter 's education. Parental education changes and increases the concern of parents for the future of their girl child. Because parents know the benefit of education, parental support for the basic needs and educational material need is increased. Parental education reduces students ' absenteeism. Moreover, parental education increases the emotional allachment/ closeness of parents and children. From the above conclusion the researcher recommended that awareness creation on parental education, making parental education as a crossculling agenda, link among stakeholders and organizing community dialogues on parental education is vital.



Contribution of Parental Education For Girls, Academic Achievement