Reengineering the Medical Equipment Management system the Provider Regulator Purchaser Aspect

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Addis Ababa University


A very poor management of healthcare equipment results wastage of valuable limited resources. A well designed and properly implemented Medical equipment management system can help not only managing the financial resources but also improves the quality of life. Different kinds of models are used in many developed countries to reengineer system. Although conceptual model is easy to understand with less accuracy and simulation model is more accurate modeling; neither of them are good to model the strategic implication. The new design is developed based on the concept of input output mechanism engineering model. The thesis evaluated the existing Medical equipment management practices and processes and reengineers the system and come up with a new design to solve the existing problems. In order to properly assign the main inputs in the system design, a preliminary study was implemented in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to assess the main challenges in healthcare providing organizations. In this preliminary study a total 243 number of healthcare providers were selected including hospitals, health centers and health clinics. Healthcare professionals from those major health facilities were interviewed and asked to full a questionnaire on existing healthcare technology management. The data collected from the facilities indicates there is a poor performance in provision (did not have system to forecast equipment demand based on available budget that was 67.8% of hospitals and 61.1% of health centers), acquisition (68.8% of hospitals, 77.8% of health centers and clinics, 63.6%were found out to be without guideline for procurement), utilization (75.0% of hospitals and 50.0% of health centers in Addis Ababa, are not properly installed), donation (83.3% of them reported that they do not have system to track the donation) and decommissioning (56.2% of hospitals, 66.7% of health centers and 56.9% of clinics reported that they have a problem in decontaminating devices before use and after removal) of medical equipment. The results offered the opportunity to appraise a reengineering the system design of the overall healthcare technology system and design a system to reduce the problem that exists to show improvement for increased efficiency and more effective utilization of available resources. An input output model, the provider regulator purchaser model is used to construct the detail design of the healthcare technology system. MIS and desktop software application is developed for the new designed system. The challenges encountered in this thesis included limited number of samples, difficulty to collect questionnaires and testing the system in the real world. As the thesis includes designs from the strategic planning until decommissioning, it can be used as a blue print from where health facilities, regulatory authorities, purchasing entities can implement.



Purchaser Aspect