Public Transport Route Planner for Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Public transport route planners are widely used in many large cities of the world. Route planners are helpful in identifying the best route one should follow in order to travel between two locations. While the public transport network is extensive in Addis Ababa and the majority of the population of the city is dependant on it, there is no route planner system for the city. The desktop application developed in this project helps users to identify service routes which enable them to travel from a given origin to a destination location in Addis Ababa with less number of transfers. It models transport services offered by taxis and Anbessa city bus at 140 locations of the city. Moreover, users can view the tariff for the two transport services and update it whenever necessary. It is also allows users to see the route (as list of location names) for a given service number of Anbessa city bus. Keywords: public transport, public transport route planner, public transport of Addis Ababa, public transport route planner for Addis Ababa, transfer matrix



Public Transport; Public Transport Route Planner; Public Transport of Addis Ababa; Public Transport Route Planner for Addis Ababa; Transfer Matrix