Evaluation of Budget Practices of Ethiopia in Comparison with Two East African Countries

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The purpose of this study is to assess similarities and differences between Ethiopia and two east African countries with respect to budget practices and procedures. The study focused on the different phases of budget cycle and cross cutting issues such as budget transparency and participations. To conduct the study qualitative research method was employed . In order to investigate significant insight about budget transparency and participation in Ethiopia The researcher distributed questionnaires to employees of Ministry of Finance and Economic development of Ethiopia, specifically in the budgeting department. The study was based on second data sources which were collected on-line on the internet. The study indicates various opportunities which improve budget transparency and participation. The result of the sturdy related that the level of transparency with regard to full disclosure of all relevant budget information is very , poor in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Relatively Ethiopia frequently publicizes budget information. It also showed that the need to increase transparency is important in the which is broadly linked to the different phases of budget cycle so as to in crease citizens' participation in the budget decisions. Moreover, public participation in the budget process is very limited in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. This is because of lack of reliable and adequate information. The findings of survey which were carried out with budget experts (It the ministry of finance and economic development of Ethiopia disclose that budget information is not available for citizens in accessible, timely and clear and easy to use manner, except very little !budget information during budget drafting phase. The major factors that limit citizen participation in the budget process are limited accessibility to budget information, budget language and Country population.



Budget transparency & Budget participation