AssesslDent of Guidance and Counseling Sel'vices in Govel'nlDent Technical and Vocational Education and Tl'aining Institutions in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Vocational counseling is an interpersonal process designed to assist students/trainees with occupational development. Occupational development is that process of choosing, entering, adjusting to and advancing in an occupation. It is a lifelong process that interacts dynamically with other life roles. However, no adequate research and consideration has been done to improve the service. In this study an assessment was conducted in evaluating the quality of provisions of vocational guidance/counseling services in four government technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in Addis Ababa. A cross sectional survey was carried out using tools adopted from the 'guideline for vocational guidance and counseling services' by MOE The instruments were questionnaires, interviews, observational checklist and group discussions. A sample of 120 trainees, 11 vocational counselors, 80 teachers and 12 directors participated in the study. From the study, it was found that trainees were not assisted through the provision of pre-admition vocational guidance services. The provision of post-admition vocational guidance/counseling services were inefficient and non standardized. Vocational counselors were not prescribed with the relevant occupational information/training and did not take even a single course in vocational/career counseling. However, the majority of participants from each group believed the overall practices of guidance/counseling in the TVET institutions was high. The implications of the above results and other specific findings have been discussed in the body.



Counseling Sel'vices in Govel'nlDent Technical