The Effect of Affirmative Action on Recipient Female Students and Non- Recipient Students in Selected Schools in Addis Ababa SEIAMAWITYILMA

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Addis Ababa University


This paper presents the effect of affirmative action on recipient female students and nonrecipient students in selected preparatory schools of Addis Ababa. A total of 320 recipient and non-recipient students were selected randomly from four preparatory (pre-university) schools to investigate their academic achievement in a comparative manner. One-sample t-test which was used to see the recipients' achievement in terms of their Ethiopian Higher Education En~rance Qualification Examination (EHEEQE) as compared to the cut-off point set for admission to higher education, resulted in high significance difference. A direct comparison of the mean total scores of affirmative action recipient with non-recipient students using two-sample t-test analysis resulted with high significant difference. No significant difference was obtained with comparison made between the recipient students who were assigned in different streams of natural science and social science. One way ANOVA analysis which was employed to compare the academic achievement among schools resulted with no significant difference. Regarding attitude of affirmative action non-recipient students, 238 students have been taken randomly as respondents. The data was analyzed using percentage and two-sample t-test method. The psycho-social measurement scale has been administered for 57 recipient students who were the only available students in the study years. Finally, based on the findings possible recommendations were forwarded



Affirmative Action ;Recipient Female