Quality of Experience Evaluation for Smartphone Video Streaming over 3G Network: In the case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Smartphones have become key enablers for users to exploit video streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix. Quality of experience (QoE) represents the actual visual perception of users and it becomes a prominent concept. Considering the perception of users on the quality of mobile video streaming service evaluation is an important factor to assess the actual performance of the service that is provided to the users. So far, in Ethiopian Mobile Operator a combination of objective and subjective quality evaluation for video streaming service of mobile phone users, particularly for the most widely subscribed mobile 3G network, has not been performed. In this thesis work, video streaming QoE evaluation over the 3G network in case of Addis Ababa, for smartphone users is made using network-side data from NetProb3010 tool, crowdsourcing tools (YoMoApp and Speedcheck Pro) from the application side and perception of customers from the user side. The application and user side measurement results were collected from a field experiment campaign of 35 sample users after watching 8 different sample YouTube video sessions. In general, achieved video streaming metric results show that both subjective and objective metrics of QoE are not good and there is the unhappiness of smartphone customers with the current video streaming service quality. For example, based on NetProb3010 results the average initial delay is 19 seconds; the average number of stalling events is 0.38 times per minute and 6.46% for average stalled time rate. The application-level results show that the average initial delay, average number of stalling events, average stalled time duration and average video resolution watched results are 17.3 seconds, 0.47 times per 30 seconds, 3.79 seconds and 230P, respectively. Moreover, application-level average download throughput achieved during the experiment period is 1.78Mbps. The above objective metric results are reflected in the subjective metric (perception) result of the participants where the overall Mean Opinion Score (MOS) value is 2.79.



Quality of Experience, Quality of Service, Video Streaming, Initial delay, Stalling events, Stalling duration, Video Resolution, Download Throughput, Mean Opinion Score, 3G, Mobile Operators, Customers, Crowdsourcing, Customer perception; Optimization, KQIs