Control of Grid Connected Micro Hydro Power System

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Addis Ababa University


For a grid connected micro hydropower (MHP) system, power electronics and phase locked loop was designed and simulated in this research. The grid interconnection of MHP improve the reliability of the grid and helps to decrease transmission and distribution losses. However, the synchronization with the utility grid is the main concern of the inverter control design because the grid frequency, phase and voltage need to be tracked. If the inverter output cannot meet the local grid connection criteria, the power will not be allowed to deliver. In this research, mathematical modeling of micro hydro power plant has been done. The full bridge three phase diode rectifier, boost converter, inverter and LC filter are designed to connect the power generated to the grid. Then, by injecting the grid voltage signal in to the PLL, the phase voltage frequency and phase angle has been tracked to synchronize phase, frequency and voltage of the generated power with different grid condition. It is observed from the simulation results that for ideal grid conditions the phase angle was tracked and relatively faster and also precisely. Also the system can easily track the phase when the frequency was changed from 50Hz to 55Hz or 45Hz. The only difference from the ideal case is that the PI-regulator now approaches 2π*5rad/s for 55 Hz and -2π*5rad/s for 45Hz instead of zero. Moreover, different non-ideal grid conditions were simulated and almost handled by the system.



Micro Hydropower, Power Converters, PI Regulator, Phase Locked Loop