Implementation of Jxta Based Peer- To-Peer Collaborative System

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Addis Ababa University


Communication among people is now becoming involved in day to day activities of people. On a daily basis, people use a wide range of electronic services to enhance their lives, to communicate with friends and colleagues, to make travel reservations, to exchange resources, to exchange messages, or to access information. To this end, the core objectives of this project work are to exchange messages and share files among JXTA peers. During this process, one does not need to have prior knowledge about the existence of the resource and the location where it exists. JXTA technology provides the mechanism by which peers can search a shared content through its discovery service so that peers can locate and download the shared content easily. JXTA technology helps us to discover shared resources around the globe, even resources behind fire wall or NAT device. Peers that need to share a resource with other peers publish advertisements locally and remotely. Other peers discover the name of the advertisement in order to open a pipe to communicate and download content among them. In this work, we have developed a JXTA based peer to peer collaborative system (JBPTPCS). It implements a peer-to-peer system that helps peers to discover each other and each others’ resources, share the resources and exchange messages within the local area setting. Among the functionalities of JBPTPCS are: • Discover peers, peer groups, shared contents, and advertisements. • Download shared contents. • Exchange unicast, bidirectional, and multicast messages among peers.



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