Depression among Addis Ababa University Students Sidist Kilo Campus: Prevalence, Gender Difference and Other Associated Factors

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Addis Ababa University


The general objective of this study was to find out depression among Addis Ababa University Sidist Kilo Campus. Quantitative method was employed to achieve the research objective. A sample of 303 respondents was selected by using equal sized stratified sampling technique. A standardized tool (i.e., BDI-II) was administered. Data were analyzed by using percentage, Spearman rank order correlation, Pearson correlation, t-test and logistic regression. The result of this study indicated that the prevalence of depression was 31.7%. Study year was negatively correlated with depression (rs = -.274). Similarly, gender, study year, and family marital status were significantly associated with depression. The result of logistic regression indicated that gender, study year and family marital status were the best predictors of depression. Considering the result of the study, the university communities such as counselors, teachers and administrative staff should take different actions for those students who were at risk for depression like by opening more counseling office, by giving orientations and different trainings for those students when they enter campus.



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