Determination of Chromium (III) and Chromium (VI) In The Tannery Effluents of Awash and Addis Ababa Leather Industries

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Addis Ababa Universty


The study area located in the two leather industries namely Addis Ababa leather industry and ELICO-Awash Tannery. The Addis Ababa leather industry is located 18 km of south-west of the Addis Ababa city, where as the ELICO-Awash tannery is located to the Southern part of the city. The two industries were located to the riversides and their leather processing wastes joins to the water systems. High tannery waste disposal, channeling residual water mixes to the water system. Water samples were collected from three sites of each leather industry for three days and for three different times a day. Sample collection time was scheduled according to the discharging time of the tannery process. The level of chromium species (Cr(III) and Cr(VI)) were determined using two analytical methods. Total chromium concentration of the water samples were determined by FAAS. The concentration of total chromium varies significantly at the three different site of each of the two leather industries. There was high concentration of chromium at the discharge point of Addis Ababa leather industry than that of the Awash tannery. The same trends were also observed for the rest of the sites. The level of chromium was also not the same when the result of the samples collected at different time was observed. The amount of Cr(VI) in the down streams of the two leather industries ranges from 0.01ppm to 0.15 ppm, which was not above the permissible level that is allowed to the natural wate



Chromium (III) and Chromium (VI)