Perceived sources of Work - related stress and coping strategies among Vct coul'iselors in Addis Ababa.

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Addis Ababa Universty


Stress and burnout are clearly problems for counselors and evidence so far have also indicated this fact. However, very little has been done to assess the sources of work related stress and coping strategies among VCT counselors in Addis Ababa. Accordingly, the major objective of this study was to identify major sources of work related stress and coping strategies used among VCT counselors. The study also attempted to asses VCT counselors in relation to their selection, training, and support and supervision they received. The study covered 30 different VCT sitcs, selected based on daily client flow. From these centers all the 58 full time working VCT counselors were included in the study. The Data obtained through structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics like mean, frequency, and standard deviation was used for demographic and professional background characteristics and for identification of work related stressor and coping strategies. Univarite Analysis of Variance was also used to work on how demographic variables explain: overall stress, overall coping. categories of stress and categories of coping. The most stressing factor in this study is category of " Job Conditions' particularly, time pressure. incrcased case loads. poor job promotion, and unsu itable counseling room have lead VCT counselors to experience work related stress. Besides. the category of ' Organizational structures and processes.' particularl \ , inconsistent and inadequate information Il'om supen·iso rs. staffs interfere during counseling of clients and others take decisions concerning ones duti es, arc found to be the second stress contributing factor among VCT counselors. The most frequently used coping strategies among VCT counselors were positive ones, includ ing planful problem solving, positive reappraisal and seeking social support, respectivel y. To overcome \\ ork related stress regional government. in stitutions or NGOs should regularly conduct stress management programs for VCT counselors.