E-Complaint Management System in Local Government: Case of Addis Ababa City Administration

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Addis Ababa University


Today e-government technologies are changing the nature of the interactions between residents and local government of a given city by intensifying the speed and impact of citizen complaints. The question of handling complaints of residents is an important part of service delivery in local government. The way in which residents of Addis Ababa city can file their complaint to their respective local government and get immediate response for their filed complaint is time taking and complex. Due to absence of effective web based customer complaints management system in the city, the residents are posing a question on the lack of effective complaint handling system. In this project we developed a web based complaint management system in local government of Addis Ababa city. To do that, we first study the current system to get necessary information to have a clear view of the existing method of complaint management system in AACA. This is done using observation, and revision of documents that AACA currently uses to handle complaint. Based on requirements gathered, analysis and design documents are prepare. The system enables city residents to participate in controlling the quality of the service provided in a city and able to citizens’ report/complaint their problems to their local governments to have an effective and efficient response. Finally, web based complaint management System prototype evaluation is conducted using questionnaire by involving 73 different participants. The results have shown that the web based complaint management system is easy to use, saves time and resource.



Web Based Complaint Management System, Local Government, E-Government