Perception of Employees Towards the System of Staff Performance Appraisal: A Case Study of Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Education

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Addis Ababa University


This study investigated the perception of employees towards the overall performance appraisal system as well as on the standard setting, purpose of PA, and appraisal process in the Ministry of Education. The research employed descriptive survey research method. Both secondary and primary data were used in the research. A survey questionnaire with five point Likert scale was the main tool used for data gathering. Data were collected from 112 participants in the MoE. Interview was also made with some key personnel of the ministry particularly with employees working in Human Resource Department. The findings of the study indicated that respondents perceived the performance appraisal system as an unfair and a system which cannot accurately measure their job related performance. Respondents also indicated their dissatisfaction with standard setting, and their participation on the development of the standard with which their performance is evaluated. They also indicated their dissatisfaction on the reward related to the result of performance appraisal system. The respondents indicated their relative satisfaction with provision of job description and performance expectation aspect of performance appraisal process. Satisfaction was also indicated with the appeal procedure of the performance appraisal of the organization.



Perception of Employees, Towards the System of