The Condition of the ipmlemNtauon .Gf.V \ B Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) English 'Program in Six Selected Primary Schools of Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This research prescnts the result of assessment conducted on the condition s of the implementa tion of Interactive Rad io In struction (IRI ) English program in s ix selected schools in Addis Ababa and solutions for effective utilization of the approach in fu ture at primary level of the ed ucation program. The main objective of the research was to assess to what extent learners were involved in the program and what attitude they developed. Checking the availabil ity of the necessary inputs, teache rs ' training and a ttitude towards the program, role of class room IRT English program faci lita tors/teachers and situation of broadcasting /tran smission of the lesson were also givcn much empha sis in the study . Purposive sampling technique was employed to collect the data. The tools were . questionnaire, Focus Group Discussion , FGD, and class room observation. Experts in Educational Mcdia Agcncy (EMA), Institute of Curriculum Deve lopmcnt and Research (ICDR), Addis Ababa EMA curri.culum expert team were involved in Focus Group Discussion (FGD). Samples from SIX primary schools wcrc taken from students. A total of 210 stu dents, 24 teachers and 12 curriculum expe rts were major sources of data for the Iiesearch. The study found ou t th at IRI English program is being utilized by primary schools in Addis Ababa. The progra m h elped s tudents to participa te in teach in g-learning process, improved skills of teach ers in utilizing the IRI program a nd facilitating the approach in classroom . The gen e.·al effect of IRI Engli sh program a t primary level in Addis Ababa proved that th e method shou ld con tinue and assist learners to develop their language skills and benefit teachers to improve their ability in utili zing new a pproaches and technologies in performing task s e fficiently