Studies on Perchlorate And Hydrogen Phthalate Liquid Membrane Electrodes Based on Crystal Violet and Brilliant Green

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Addis Ababa Universty


Liquid membrane holders were designed from concentric pyrex tubes by glass blowing and employed to design perchlorate and hydrogen phthalate electrodes based on Crystal Violet perchlorate and Brilliant Green hydrogen phthalate salts. Polyviny chloride discs , with 1-chloronaphthalene as plasticizer , were used to support the liquid membranes which consisted of nitrobenzene, 1 , 2-dichloroethane or 1, 2 -dichlorobenzene in the case of Crystal Violet perchlorate and nitrobenzene in the case of the other. Several electroanalytical parameters have been evaluated and both perchlorate and hydrogen phthalate electrodes respond to perchlorate , periodate , Iodide , saccharin , and hydrogen phthalate, with selectivity in that order. The electrodes were found to respond to these anions within 60 seconds , in wide concentration ranges ( slopes 52-60 mv / decade ) with detection limit of 6.7x10“ ^ to 4.7xlO~ ^M. The perchlorate electrode was employed to determine perchlorate in artificial samples with three potentiometric methods and results were found to have reasonable accuracy and precision



Hydrogen Phthalate Liquid Membrane Electrodes