An Assessment of the System of Appraising Principals' Performance in Selected Governmental Tvet Institutes in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region

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Addis Ababa University


<Tliis stuay 'Was desillnea to assess tlie perception of <T<V<E<TI principalS' ana tlieir appraisers in reunion to tlie purpose, criteria, attiwae, process, pr06ferns ana tlie systern of CftPjt operati1l!l in S:J{:J{Q'!R.ana lience, to aiscO'lJer if aifferences existea 6et'Ween tlie t'Wo sway Ilroups. <To tliis end; descriptive suroey researcli rnetfioa was ernpfoyea to identify tlie Cirnitations ana corne up witli recornrnendations. <T1ie stuay 'Was conauctea in five sefectea 1l0000ernrnentaC <T<V<E<T institutes founa in S:J{:J{Q'!R. on tlie 6asis of stratifiea ana purposive sarnpCi1l!l tecliniques. <T1ie su6jects of tlie stuay 'Were 103 appraisers ana 10 appraises ara'Wn frorn tlie sarnpfe <T<V<E<T institutes ana ~<13. Inforrnation was so Cicite a frorn tlie sarnpfe respondents tliroUJlIi a questionnaire ana interoie'W Iluide, wliicli 'Was pre-teste a in t'Wo <T<V<E<TI ana rno aifie a for aistri6ution. <Various statisticaC toolS sucli as clii-square test, spearrnan-ran~order correfation, 'Weill litea rnean score; rnean ana percent~e 'Were usea for aata anaCysis. <T1ie finai1l!ls of tlie stuay inaicatea tfiat tlie appraisers ana tlie appraises perceive a tlie rnain purposes of tlie appraisaC sclierne as 6ei1l!l forrnative ana surnrnative respectiveCy; ana tlie appraisaC criteria 'Were founa to 6e inadequate ana inappropriate to appraise <T<V<E<TI principalS. '.MoreO'lJer, arn01l!l tlie aesillnatea appraisers, trainees ana parents 'Were itfentifiea as 6ei1l!l incornpetent to unaerta~ tlie tas~of CftPjt. In Ilenera' principalS' perforrnance appraisaC systern was perceivea to 6e fruitfess in attaini1l!l tlie rnajor purposes tfiat it 'Was intendea to seroe. 1fence, it 'Was recornrnenaea tfiat necessary cfia1l!les sfiouct 6e rnade 6y tlie concernea autfiorities at aCC fevelS of <T<V<Ect, in order to revitaCi:z.e tlie existi1l!l practice of principalS' perforrnance appraisa( <To tliis effect, CftPjt criteria sfiouct 6e cfearCy tfefined; ffexj6fe ana j06 -refatea. ifurtlierrnore, tfiose 'Wfio fiaw dose contact 'Witli tlie traini1l!l process ana wfio are farniCiar witli tlie cornpfexjty of tlie j06 'Wouli appraise principalS. In aaaition to tliis, Co1l!l ana sfiort terrn traini1l!l ana orientation neea to 6e Iliven for appraisers ana appraises so as to acquire adequate slUC, ~owfediJe ana experience; ana to acquaint tliern 'Witli tlie purposes, criteria, process ana proceaures of CftPjt systern.



Assessment of the System of, Appraising Principals' Performance