An Assessment of the VCT services and counseling Applications in selected VCT Centers of Dire Dawa city

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Addis Ababa University


HIV/ AIDS has been seriously threatening the social, psychological, health and economic situations of the contemporary society, in order to pave the way to mitigate the expansion of the pandemic, different strategies have been designed. One of these strategies is the establishment of VCT Centers. Hence, the purpose of this study was to assess vcr services and counseling applications provided by selected VCT Centers of Dire Dawa City. More over, an attempt was made to explore whether the counselors skills demonstrated and contents discussed in counseling sessions were in accordance with UNAIDS and MOH vcr protocol. In order to assess VCT Services and counseling applications at the VCT Centers 3 sample VCT Centers were purposefully selected from Government Hospital, Private Hospital and NGO VCT Centers. In this study a total of 130 clients were s elected using availability sampling techniques and 6 counselors and 3 coordinators were purposefully selected. In order to collect the relevant data, interview, Focus Group Discussion, observation and questionnaires were used. Questionnaire for clients were prepared based on VCT protocol developed by UNAIDS and MOH. Both quantitative (i.e., descriptive statistics) and qualitative data analys is methods were used to analyze the data. According to the finding of the study, counseling skills demonstrated by the counselors and contents of counseling discussed between the client and the counselor in the VCT Centers under investigation found to be in accordance with s tandards of VCT protocol. Howe ver, all counselors of VCT Centers did not apply counseling theories and techniques at all. Inadequate training for counselors, inadequate space for privacy and waiting area, workload on counselors, and lack of professional capacity to handle serious cases were the major problems. Thus, it could be reasonable to recommend intensive training by relevant p rofessional persons for the VCT counselors. Finally, based on the findings, recommendations were forwarded to minimize the problem and help to effectively implement counseling



HIV/ AIDS has been seriously threatening the social, psychological, health