The Practice of Teaching Grammar Through Active Learning: The Case of Selam Democracy Limat Le Ethiopia Secondary School Grade 9th EfL Teachers

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The main objective of this study was to assess the Practice of Teaching Grammar through Active Learning: The case of Selam Democracy Limat Le Ethiopia Secondary School Grade 9th EFL teachers. The study was conducted through descriptive research design. The subjects of the study were both grade nine students and English language teachers of the target school. The total population of the study were 720 students , and out of which,257of them were considered in the study and among 3 teachers 3 of them were also taken as sample after selected by both Probability (Random) and Non probability sampling techniques (convenience and Quotas). Besides, the researcher collected primary data through classroom observation, teachers’ interview and students’ questionnaire and they were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The finding showed that there is poor trend of implementing active learning as EFL teachers also didn’t properly practice active teaching and learning strategies in teaching grammar lessons for several reasons such as time allotment and students background. It is also found that some teachers attempted to implement active learning occasionally, that is, when the topic and the situations are suitable to apply it and active learning techniques like group discussion, cooperative learning etc. Besides, teachers practiced active learning methods rarely by applying group work and question and answer and role playing, debating writing and other were not applied. It is found that teachers tend to lecture all aspects of grammar and Students also did not have initiation to participate in teaching learning process in grammar class. Furthermore, most serious factors affecting the implementation of active learning in the classrooms were identified those are, lack of time allotment for the course, absence of suitable classroom situation and learning equipment’ lack of training, for teachers less commitment for their responsibility, student’s lack of motivation and poor English language exposure. Therefore, it was concluded that EFL teachers and students of the school did not properly practice the methods suggested by v different language experts. It was, therefore, recommended that teachers should be applied different active learning approach and techniques that are suggested by scholars to teach grammar and other language skills.



Practice, Grammar, Active learning, approach