Practice and challenges of Organizational Capacity Development at Hope University College

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to assess the practice and challenges of Organizational Capacity Development at Hope University College. In order to achieve this, descriptive survey method was applied, because this method can describes the current situation of the UC more clearly and precisely than other survey methods. OCD helps organizations as a tool to perform their vision and mission .HUC was one of HEIs working in developing educational system of the country and training young generation to be productive citizen. In order to win the desired strategies and to be competent in the market the college planned to reorganize its working system alongthe principles of Organizational Capacity Development.OCD used as a development instruments to enhance the activities of the college to provide quality education. This research was designed to investigate what practices and challenges were faced the organization during the implementation of capacity development as a means of development. The researcher organized basic question in order to see the practices and the challenges. These basic research questions were, what are the current organizational practices of organizational capacity in Hope University College?,what are the challenges for enhancing the effectiveness of organizational capacity development at Hope University College?, how Hope University College manage performance assessment and evaluation in order to identify progress and the challenges during past strategic plans? Andwhat are the prospective strategies for enhancing the effectiveness of the Organizational Capacity Development in the Hope University College?. Thirty Eight respondents were selected from 79 employees using purposive sampling technique. As concerning data source both primary and secondary sources were implemented, the primary data collected using semi-structured interview and secondary data were gathered through document analysis. Based on the data from the respondents the UC has strong practices related leadership,developmentof infrastructures,management,human resource management, internal and external relationship meanwhile the result of the research indicates that there are gap related to resource of finance and finance management, participation of employees on managerial activities and training and development. Based on final result of the researchthe researcher concluded thatlack of human resource management experience, absence of training and development,disorganized management of resource, low participation of employees at managerial activities, absence of networking relationship with other private educational institutions, increasing of turnoverand unorganized performance evaluation were basic gaps identified by the study.And finally the researcher recommend the following organizing strong human resource management, recruiting energetic staffs, participation of staffs in managerial activities should be increase, internal fund resource should be assessed, both physical and technical infrastructure should be organized in order maintain for further organizational capacity development.



Practice and challenges, of Organizational Capacity