Social Significance of Etv Dramas on Hiv/Aids Awareness Creation and Behavioral Change

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to examine the relationship between ETV dramas and HIV / AIDS awareness/ behavioral change. In light of this objective, three cities found in three regions were selected by convenient sampling method (N= 600). In order to ensure fair representations of subjects they were categorized based on their geographical location (l00 from Debre-Birehan, 200 from Nazareth and 300 from Addis Ababa). Quantitative analyses were used to analyze the data obtained through the questionnaires. To investigate the relationship correlations were performed. To explore the predictive power regressions analysis was used. T-test was used to find out the group differences independent sample. Alpha value of 0.01 was used for significance tests in this study. Moreover, all-quantitative analysises were done using SPSS 12. Given our findings, it seems warranted that ETV dramas have relation with HIV / AIDS awareness creation/ behavioral change. Sex, religion and region houe 0 relationship with HIV/ AIDS awareness/ behavioral change and region is a stronger predictor of HIV/ AIDS awareness/ behavioral change among others. There is a difference in HIV/ AIDS awareness/ behavioral change between male and female. i. e. females have better HIV / AIDS awareness/ behavioral change than males.



Hiv/Aids Awareness Creation