Assessment of Provision of Support Services For Students With Motor Impairments: The Case of Sebeta Governmental Secondary Schools In Sebeta Town

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The purpose of this study was to describe and analyze the provide support service for students with motor impairments in Sebeta Governmental Secondary Schools at Sebeta town using qualitative methods. Sebeta secondary schools are governmental schools were purposefully selected for the study based on location and experiences. Participants of this study were students of Sebeta Secondary School in the academic year of 2019/2020.The researcher used purposive sampling technique for selecting the participants. Both primary and secondary sources were used for the data collection. Interviews and observations were used. The data were organized and analyzed thematically. The finding of the study shows that students with motor impairments need school environment modification, financial support, psychological support, and educational support. The findings revealed that the school community has positive perception towards students with motor impairments. Finally, it is suggested that school management and other concerned bodies should work on creating conducive school environment to alleviate challenges related to accessibility of facilities and infrastructures. Students with motor impairments need access to a broad range of provide supports service to assist their development and learning. Moreover, the school management should work on school environment modification, as well aspsychological and financial support. Furthermore, substantial development in teachers’ knowledge, understanding and expertise regarding the education of students with motor impairments is very important to promote their access.