Sliding Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Train Overhead Line Contact Wire

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Addis Ababa University


In this study, the mechanical sliding wear and corrosion resistance property of pure copper (Cu), Cu Ag and Cu Ni Si Cr overhead contact wire were investigated by a pinon- disc Tribometer with mechanical and electrochemical Measurement. The copper alloys were prepared in the form of pin are forced to slide on stainless steel disc at temperature of 28 0c and unlubricated condition at a sliding speed of 80km/hr under normal load up to 100 N without electric current and corrosion test also conducted in acid, rain, salt environmental condition and in notch stress. The worn surface of and wear debris as well as the corrosion from the specimens were studied by metallurgical microscopes and the weight loss measured by analytical balance. Finally, the Cu Ni Si Cr copper alloy has better wear and corrosion resistance property and also takes less purchase cost. And the material is recommended for Addis Ababa light rail transit overhead line contact wire.



Overhead Line Contact Wire, Sliding Wear, Corrosion Resistance