Mobile Health Advisor System: For Sexually Transmitted Infections (Moha System)

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Addis Ababa University


Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are major public health problems in Ethiopia. Because of the clinical problems and complications that STIs cause in individual patients, STIs require attention. This fact becomes even more worrying if we view STIs as a proxy indicator of behaviours placing our people at higher risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV infection. Currently there are no sophisticated laboratories for examining STI infections in Ethiopia. The patients are diagnosed based on proper analysis of patients back ground (history taking) and physical examinations with or without laboratory support. Due to the shortage of laboratories and health service providers the patients could not receive efficient and effective treatment with low cost in a short period of time. In this work, we have proposed a Mobile Health Advisor system (MoHA system) for STI. MoHA system for STI provides mobile and personal computer based advice on STI. MoHA is simple to use, reachable, fast and confidential system. It incurs no extra cost for mobile users and PC users who have Internet access. The system allows the users to select the symptoms they are experiencing from a list of symptoms and send the symptoms to the server to get an advice on the particular health problem identified by the system. The symptoms are sent from mobile to the server through the GPRS mobile network and from PC through Internet connections. The server side web application provides advice to the users based on the knowledge stored in Ontology through reasoning process. Keywords: MoHA system, STI, STI Ontoogy, Mobile Health



MoHA system, STI, STI Ontoogy, Mobile Health