Teachers' turnover in government secondary schools of Addis Ababa City administration

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Addis Ababa Universty


The major purpose of this study was assessIng the major causes and possible solutions for teachers' turnover in government secondary schools of Addis Ababa city administration . To achieve the purposes, descriptive survey method was employed. The study had three groups of samples, which encompass 183 practicing teachers, 53 former teachers and 15 directors. Questionnaires and interview through random, stratified, available and purposive sampling techniques were used to collect pertinent data. The gathered data through these instruments were analyzed using percentages, mean scores, spearman rank correlation and one-way analysis of variance. The study revealed that the major causes of teachers' turnover in gOlJernment secondary schools of Addis Ababa city administration were: insufficient salary and non-salary benefits, low status accorded to teachers by community and government officials, students misbehavior, lacle of praise and rewards based on perfonnance from manager, peers and parents, and the absence of advancement based on teachers accomplishment. Finally, the study discussed the possible strategies to ml11lrmZe teachers' turnover. These were: ameliorate salary and non-salary benefits, increasing status of teachers, minimize students' misbehavior, facilitating further education, and rendering recognition and respect for teachers based on perfonnance.