The Working Conditions of Persons With Disabilities: The Case of Two Productions Centers in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


This study attempted to find out the problems with the working conditions of persons with disabilities. In the s tudy, a total of twenty nine participants we re taken and qualitative method of study was employed to collect data. The participants were fourteen p ersons with different disabilities, ten workers with out disabilities, two managers, two workers' Representatives who were taken from the two production centers named, The society of Rehabilitation for the Blind and Handicapped and Yehager Tibeb Mederaja Dirijit and an officer from The Ethiopian Federation of Persons with Disabilities. The main method of data collection was interview. In addition, focus group discussion and informal talk were used to support the data obtained through the interview. The study found out that financial problem is the major obs tacle for the ce nters to fulfill the needs of workers with different disabilities. The centers aim at enabling PWDs independent and productive citizens. The workers are engaged in the type of work, which is not updated. Because of this it is hard for them to compete in the market. To improve the mode of production, there is a need to give training or employ skilled manpower. In addition to this, lack of coordination with NGOs, aid agencies and other parties who work on disability areas make the problem worse. Lack of welfare, occupational safety and health services are also sited as problems of PWDs at the work place. They also have shortage of raw materials for the production and need some adaptations with the equipment, occupational safety and health services. Therefore, according to the findings, to make good working conditions for persons with different disabilities, there is a need for strong effort. Some recommendations were made based on the findings particularly in relation to the active role of NGOs, aid agencies and other concerned bodies have to play. According to the finding, PWDs are facing challenges in their working conditions. Thus, employers, the society and other concerned bodies s hould give special attention to enable workers with different disabilities to have a decent work which is free from phys ical barriers and play a great role to overcome their many faceted problems.



Conditions of Persons With Disabilities