Pharmaceutical Procurement Performance of Public Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Addis Abeba University


Introduction: Pharmaceuticals public procurement consists of the whole process of acquiring pharmaceuticals and services and it starts with identification of needs and preparing the procurement plan and the procurement method. It also includes risk assessment, identification, and evaluation of alternative solutions, contract award, and management, receiving the procured property or obtaining the services and settling of payments by the public Hospitals. The performance of procurement process is decreased due to different factors. This study analyzed the assessments of pharmaceutical public procurement performance based on identifying major Factors affecting pharmaceutical procurement performance in Hospital procurement processes, procedures, plans and administrative procedures related to procurement activities. Methods: A mixed methods sequential explanatory study design, with qualitative and quantitative study, was approached. To select the population of respondents used census with a sample size of sixty-two (62) respondents. Primary and secondary data sources were used and the questionnaires were closed-ended and open-ended. The data analysis is conducted through descriptive statistical techniques using SPSS. A total of 60 questionnaires were completed. Results: Most of the respondents indicated that 73.3% Procurement related administrative procedures explain the variations in procurement performance while, Procurement planning, utilization of ICT, procurement procedures and transparency explain 70%, 63.7%,60%, and 36.7% respectively and supplier supplying capacity and supplier performance are the major challenges of procurement performance in Hospitals. Conclusion: This study found that procurement related administrative procedures, procurement planning, procurement procedures and utilization of ICT have effect on procurement performance. Procurement plans prepared by end-users in due time to send to Pharmacy unit and Hospitals shall apply advanced technology, which may be E-procurement technology which is very useful to communicate easily with the user department, procurement unit, and suppliers.



Procurement performance, procurement administrated related procedure, procurement planning, procurement procedure, ICT and Transparency.