Potentiometric Stripping Analysis at the Gel Stabilized Oil/Water Interface

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Addis Ababa Universty


The application of potentiometric stripping analysis for the determination of anions at gel stabi 1 i zed water /ni trobenzene interface has been studied. A four electrode potentio-galvanostat with differentiator circuit used to carry out the experiment was constructed in our laboratory. The performance of the gel stabilized nitrobenzene/water interface was preliminary tested using cyclic voltammetry, phase selective AC voltammetry, differential pulse voltammetry and differential pulse stripping voltammetry. The ions studied include ClO.- and N03-. The ion transfer across the gel/water interface was found to be diffusion controlled under the experimental conditions. The half wave potential difference between two ions calculated was in good agreement with literature data. The influence of deposition time, current density and rest period on the transition time, f, of the stripping step was investigated. stripping times obtained in derivative mode were found to be significantly longer than those obtained in the normal mode (based on 99.9% confidence level). The simultaneous determination of ClO.- and N03 - is possible by PSA and DPSA:



Oil and Water