Assessment of the Impact of Early Parental Loss on The Psychological, Social and Behavioral Problems of Institutionalized Hiv Orphaned

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Addis Ababa University


This study examined the psychological, social and behavioral developmental problems of institutionalized HIV orphans. A total of 63 participants were selected using purposive sampling method from SOS Children's village in Bahirdar, Orphans in age of 14-18, had lost one or two of the parents to HIV disease. Three questionnaires were independently administered to orphans, and based on the responses to the questionnaires; data were analyzed by using independent sampled t - test, rating scales, ANOVA, and Studentized Range statistic: q (Tukey) methods. The findings showed sex, age of admission, and duration of stay were found to be directly related to the psychological, social and behavioral development of orphans. Findings also showed double orphans were more affected and paternal orphans were the least affected from the loss of parents'. In accordance with the findings and conclusions, recommendations were forwarded.



behavioral developmental, problems institutionalized HIV orphans